Phone calls, texts mount up against defendant in Nick Jackson murder case

Jason Dozier

Jason Dozier


Anthony Lumpkin

LAWRENCEVILLE — You gonna stay down?

On the morning of Valentine’s Day 2012, Anthony Lumpkin placed a collect call from the Gwinnett County jail. The day after authorities had come to his cell and taken buccal swabs and hair samples for DNA testing, the man accused of shooting and killing 15-year-old Nick Jackson II wanted to know if the woman on the other end of the line — identified only as “Wifey” — was going to remain in his corner.

She said, “Yeah, you already know that.” But Lumpkin wanted to be sure.

“It might be a long ride though baby,” he said.

That jailhouse phone call and several others were played for a jury Wednesday as proceedings continued in the trial of Lumpkin and co-defendant Eddie Green, just two of seven men charged in the Feb. 2, 2012, home invasion that resulted in Jackson II’s death.

In addition to the culpability hinted at in the call above, Lumpkin admitted separately to kicking the basement door in that evening in Norcross. The prosecution believes the action was to help his robbing crew gain entry to home where they believed Nick Jackson I, an admitted drug trafficker, had stashed massive amounts of cash and cocaine.

Lumpkin, though, offered a different explanation altogether during a Feb. 24 call to “sis Wanda.”

“(Co-defendant) Timothy Johnson tell me that was his (expletive) girl’s house and he was trying to catch (another man) up in the house,” Lumpkin said.

“The police are the ones that told me that was a big-time drug dealer’s house,” he added later. “Not no Tim.”

Authorities believe Lumpkin led the charge emphatically that evening, psyching himself up on the drive to 310 Autry St. and urging the crew’s return to the scene after he realized they didn’t get any cash. They believe he’s the one who fired multiple shots from a 9mm Jimenez handgun, including the one that pierced Jackson II’s heart as he barricaded his basement bedroom door.

A text message allegedly sent from his phone at 4:50 p.m. the day of the crime — responding to a “hey babe” from an unidentified female — at least vaguely tied him to the crime.

“Hey babe trying to pull one,” he wrote, according to evidence presented Wednesday.

Taking the Fifth

Following a break for lunch Wednesday, the defense attorneys for Lumpkin and Green announced on the record their intentions to subpoena as a witness Jason Dozier, a co-defendant in the case who was found guilty last month and given more than two life sentences.

Dozier’s attorney, however, made it clear his client would exercise his Fifth Amendment right not to testify if called.

“Mr. Dozier will not willingly take the stand and testify,” attorney Andrew Margolis said. “His case is under appeal at this time and as such any testimony that he would give potentially could serve to incriminate him.”

Dozier fired shots during the home invasion but is not believed to be responsible for the single bullet that hit Jackson II.