LETTERS: Thanks to Grace Snell Middle School for a moving tribute

I would like to share the experience I had last week at Grace Snell Middle School on Veterans Day. I served in the Army Nurse Corps what feels like a very long time ago. My daughter’s seventh grade class presented a program in honor of the day, and the kids invited the vets they knew.

We were served a very nice lunch and the room was full of old and new uniforms and faces. I had the privilege to sit with two gentlemen who had served in Vietnam. By the end of the meal I was movingly reminded of two things I had forgotten about my military service — how amazingly fast and easy it is to get to know fellow members, and how humble and decent they are, especially those who served in harms way.

Afterwards there was a program for us, and each vet was honored individually. It was clear that the teachers and students had put a lot into the presentation. I will remember it for a long time.

As our busy country debates “what really matters” I hope and pray that many more schools had or will have ceremonies like this one. Thanks to Grace Snell Middle School for the time and care it took to remind me what matters, and to teach it to our children.

Mary Reed, Snellville