LETTERS: Climate change must be addressed

On the heels of the National Organization for Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) announcement that a rise in serious hurricanes will accompany the rising temperatures in 2014, the Philippians was ravaged by Super Typhoon Haiyan — which is being placed as one of the strongest storms in world history. In the worst-hit areas, 235 mph winds created 20-foot waves that are thought to have killed between 10,000 and 15,000 and left 500,000 homeless.

Extreme weather conditions and changing temperatures are not only impacting the environment but are costing taxpayers money. Super storm Sandy, wildfires on the west coast and a drought in the Midwest cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion last year. Yet government officials continue to deny the existence of climate change.

Representative Jack Kingston from Georgia was quoted: “We have a moral duty to be good stewards of the environment but growing the government’s coffers and killing jobs based on questionable science is a bridge too far.”

If we don’t do anything about climate change, we will have serious economic problems on our hands.

Craig Tilley, Buford