Commission approves 'compromise' on Beaver Ruin Road

After years of attempting to reduce restrictions on a commercial property, commissioners approved a new plan for a Beaver Ruin site, allowing the construction of 29 townhomes.

But while the developer’s representative described the proposal as a “compromise,” neighbors still objected to the proposal.

Mitch Peevy, a representative for D&C Management Group, said the property owners have attempted to bring businesses to the property on at the corner of Jody Lane, just outside the Lilburn city limits, since it was rezoned in 2005. But restrictive conditions, including the banning of automotive uses or drive-throughs, have kept the land vacant.

When he applied for a reduction in the restrictions for the second time earlier this year, Peevy said the owners decided to build townhomes as a compromise to the community.

“The market has spoken,” Peevy said of being unable to sell the property with the restrictions. “The owners are trying to do the right thing; they are trying to offer a compromise.”

But residents of the Kingston subdivision, which is behind the property, objected to the small size of the townhomes.

“The development of numerous homes will be detrimental to our property values,” Maria Smith said.

Commissioners voted to allow for the townhome development.