Two Peachtree Ridge students arrested at school on gun charges

SUWANEE — Two Peachtree Ridge High students were arrested on Tuesday morning after an anonymous tip from a student led administrators and the School Resource Officer to an unloaded gun.

The students, both juvenile males, did not make any threats, Gwinnett County Public Schools spokesman Jorge Quintana said, but were charged with possession of a weapon on school property. The school’s principal, Kevin Tashlein, sent a letter to parents about the investigation and disciplinary action.

Tashlein wrote in the letter that one student received the weapon from another.

“We are fortunate that occurrences like this one are rare at our school,” Tashlein wrote. “I want to reassure you that this incident was handled quickly and efficiently.”

Quintana said a disciplinary panel would decide any action taken, and the students’ age and discipline history would be taken into account.