LETTERS: Stadiums don't make champions

During my lifetime we have had professional hockey, basketball, baseball, and football in our area. Out of all these teams, we have had one championship (baseball).

Stadiums have been built, torn down, and rebuilt for all these sports with nothing to show for it but spent money. Once again football and baseball are about to do another round of changing stadiums for whatever reason. It seems to me that the lack of championships are not going to be solved by buildings or locations, but by the teams that play in them.

When is the last time you saw the Green Bay Packers or the Boston Red Sox building a new stadium? In the meanwhile, here in Gwinnett County, we are stuck with a last-place baseball team playing in a $29 million stadium that cost $62 million that the taxpayers are going to have to finish paying for.

Lane Bridges, Loganville