LETTERS: Recognizing Vietnam vets highlight of Veterans Day service

I sat in the audience on Monday, looking at the Vietnam vets standing in front of me. Tears ran down my face because I remembered how these soldiers were treated when they came home from the war, and I remembered wo dear friends who did not come home.

The Veterans Day service at the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Lawrenceville honored all veterans, but on this day the Vietnam veterans were given a special salute. The speakers held back tears and the emotion felt in the audience was obvious.

We wanted to tell these Vietnam veterans: We love you, we thank you for your service, and we are so sad for the way you were treated. I want them to know that we understand the price they paid was high but the

historic reaction to this disgraceful dishonor of our soldiers in the 70s is that Americans, I don’t believe, will ever, no matter how they feel about the conflict or war, allow our soldiers to be treated this shamefully again.

You can see this in the way we honor our current servicemen and women. It is common to see someone stop a soldier and say “Thank you for your service.”

With this service on Mondayk, it was said very loud and clear – Vietnam veterans, we salute you and we thank you for your service!

Beverly Lougher, Lawrenceville