7 Title I elementary schools honored

Seven Gwinnett elementary schools were among a group of Title I schools that showed progress on statewide tests, state Department of Education officials announced on Tuesday.

The list of “Reward and Alert” schools named Lovin Elementary, Knight Elementary, Harris Elementary, Benefield Elementary, Meadowcreek Elementary, Partee Elementary and Lilburn Elementary among schools that have shown improvements. Phoenix High School, and its subgroup of black students, was listed as an “alert” school because that group of students’ achievement rate fell three standard deviations from the state’s average score for black students.

The list is part of the state’s waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Title I schools receive federal funds to better their students, a higher percentage who receive free or reduced lunch.

Officials said a “Highest-Performing School” is a Title I school among the five percent of Title I schools in the state that has the highest absolute performance over three years on the statewide tests. Lovin, Knight and Harris were listed as highest-performing schools.

A “High-Progress School” is a Title I school among the 10 percent of Title I schools in the state that makes the most progress in improving performance over three years on statewide tests. Benefield, Meadowcreek, Partee and Lilburn were listed as highest-progress schools.

Schools don’t qualify for either improvement category if they’ve been identified as a priority, focus or alert school, DOE spokesman Matt Cardoza said.