Arctic blast to bring cooler temps to Gwinnett, region

Winter weather is on the way

LAWRENCEVILLE — Dig out your heavy coats and knitted scarves — winter weather is on its way.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a freeze warning for the area starting Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

“Essentially what’s happening is that a front is going to pass through here (on Tuesday) and that’s going to bring colder air than we’re used to,” said Jon Richards, a local resident who runs www.lawrencevilleweather.com. “At one point they were talking about snow and the chances of that coming in. It looks like the snow isn’t going to make it, but the colder weather will be coming through.”

So although snow is not expected, there will be gusty cold winds for a while.

“(This weather) is something that you probably see in January,” Richards said. “We’re getting an early blast in November. We’ve had a few nights that we’re close to freezing in Gwinnett, but we haven’t had a hard freeze.”

If you haven’t taken care of your plants, Richards suggests bringing them in the house.

“The lowest temperature that I’ve had is 32 degrees on Oct. 26. The fragile plants didn’t freeze and go away,” he said. “If you haven’t dug up your summer plants and re-potted them yet, tonight is a good time since it’s still warm.”

By Thursday, the weather should warm back to normal temperatures for this time of year.

“After Wednesday it starts to warm up again a little bit with highs in the 60s which is pretty close to normal at this time of the year,” Richards said. “As the days get shorter, the cooler days become more frequent.”