POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Donna Sheldon tours district, Jody Hice builds volunteer team in Congress race

Campaign season is never really over nowadays.

As soon as the votes were counted Tuesday, the 2014 election season began ramping up in earnest, with candidates sending out press releases and refining their messages.

Even though Tuesday’s election to replace Donna Sheldon in the state House is headed to a runoff, Sheldon took the opportunity Wednesday focus on her congressional campaign.

The Dacula woman launched a tour of the 10th District, calling for congressional term limits to solve the plague of “insider-itis” in Washington.

“Many of the problems coming out of Washington today are caused by a culture of incumbency protection and career politician mindset,” Sheldon said. “If Congress was looking out for citizens rather than themselves, they would make better laws and policies.”

The former House GOP caucus chairwoman proposed a limit on both senators and congressmen of 12 years — two terms for senators and six for congressmen. “If you can’t make a difference in 12 years, you shouldn’t be there in the first place,” she said. “If members of Congress know they are going to have to live under the laws they pass and that they will have to do so soon, they will make better laws.”

Jody Hice, the Barrow County man who is also campaigning for the seat in Congress, announced Wednesday he has established active volunteer organizations in each of the district’s 25 counties.

“Volunteers are the life-blood of successful campaigns. These are the folks who do the work necessary for communicating my message of constitutionally limited government and encourage their family, friends and neighbors to get involved with their time and energy,” Hice said.

“These volunteers have been attracted to my campaign because of their confidence in my strong conservative agenda,” he added. “They know that I am committed to renew America through eliminating Obamacare, passing the FairTax, and working hard for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Consititution.”

To volunteer, go to www.JodyHice.com.

While Sheldon and Hice are both Republicans, Democrats made news this week, too.

While state Sen. Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, announced the beginning of a 2014 campaign for governor, Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn, made waves in her own U.S. Senate race.

The former CEO of Points of Light unveiled her new campaign website at michellenunn.com.

“Georgians can use this new digital platform to learn more about how we can work together to get results for our state,” Nunn said. “Washington can learn a lot from folks right here in Georgia. With just a few clicks, Georgians from LaFayette to Brunswick can join our fight to bring the Georgia values of self-empowerment, entrepreneurship and collaboration to Washington.”

By the way, Gov. Nathan Deal’s re-election campaign sent out a message a day after Carter entered the 2014 fray.

“If experience has taught us anything, another Carter at the helm is not what Georgia needs,” Deal’s campaign manager Tom Willis said in an email seeking donations to the campaign. “… Gov. Deal has spent his first term moving our state forward. By reverting to their 1970’s ticket, the Democrats are looking to recycle their same failed policies.”

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