Gwinnett Historic Society invites pioneering families to join special program

The Genealogy Committee of the Gwinnett Historic Society has created a program for residents who can trace their lineage back to the pioneering families of the county.

“If you think your family has been living in Gwinnett County forever, you may be right,” said Bobbie Tkacik, with the Gwinnett Historic Society. “If you grew up hearing passed down family stories from grandparents and even great grandparents about Gwinnett County in the old day, even before the Civil War, you may be a member of a First Family.”

To qualify for the First Families Program, residents must prove the lineage from their early ancestors in Gwinnett to present day. Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and census records are considered proof. Applicants will be entitled to a GOLD Certificate if they have ancestors who were living in the county prior to 1820. Primary sources of the information include the 1820 census, 1820 Land Lottery and surviving court records. SILVER Certificates will go to those who have ancestors who arrived after 1820 but by the 1850 Census. The certificate color will designate when a pioneering family arrived in Gwinnett.

Applications for the First Families Program can be obtained at the Gwinnett Historic Society from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday at 185 W. Crogan St. on the second floor of the historic courthouse for $5. Applicants must become members of the society, for a $25 membership fee, if not already a member.

Applicants can also perform research at the Gwinnett Historic Society.

“With a library with hundreds of volumes in addition to family histories, you may find just what you’re looking for to pull together loose ends,” Tkacik said.

For more information on the First Families Program, call 770-822-5174.