Police presence up at Grayson high school after 'unsubstantiated' threat

GRAYSON — Police presence was increased at Grayson High School Friday after what officials called an “unsubstantiated” threat.

Gwinnett County Public Schools posted a statement about the situation on its Facebook page.

“Grayson HS is aware of rumors circulating regarding a possible threat to the school,” the post said. “NOTHING has occurred at the school. Although the rumors are unsubstantiated, Grayson is taking additional security measures— including a police presence on campus— today throughout the day.”

Schools spokesman Jorge Quintana echoed the sentiment, saying late Friday morning that all was quiet at the school.

“As with all rumors, there are a lot of variations, but it appears most of them are tied to an incident that apparently occurred outside of school last week,” he said. “School leaders have investigated and were not able to substantiate the rumors.”

Several Grayson High School students posted photos of empty halls on Twitter Friday morning. At least one didn’t seem overly concerned.

“(N)obody is at school…,” the female student tweeted, in part. “(W)e’re playing scategories… so many police here… and the news is here… it’s a good day at grayson.”