Peachtree Corners puts brakes on town center project

PEACHTREE CORNERS —With residents concerned and confused, Mayor Mike Mason called for a “time out” on the new city’s town center project.

Recent reports about land near the parcel the city purchased earlier this year have caused some confusion among the public, Mason said, adding that the city is still contemplating what to do on its site across from The Forum.

“We formed this city to have the flexibility to do what is needed. We’re now going to exercise that flexibility by taking the time to do this right,” Mason said, adding that the extra time will allow for more public input on the project.

Earlier this year, the city purchased just over 20 acres along Peachtree Parkway, stopping the construction of an apartment complex. No site plan has been drawn for the project, although officials have said they envision a new town green for the city.

Another 18 acres nearby is privately owned, and Mason said its development is not within the city’s hands.

“It points out the value of having a city,” Mason said. “We stopped a 20.6- acre apartment complex in the heart of our city and now have a wonderful opportunity to create a truly amazing town center instead. What we need now is the community’s patience and trust.

“The council and I live here too, and only want what is best for Peachtree Corners,” he added. “This must be something we are all proud of today, and our kids and grandkids will be proud of in the future.”