SPLOST: Current and past projects

Voters will consider the SPLOST referendum on Tuesday's election ballot. Here are some things to know about previous projects, current allocations and more. The information below was provided by Gwinnett County.

2014 SPLOST Highlights

  • 3-Year Program will raise estimated $498 Million
  • Current SPLOST ends March 31, 2014
  • If approved, new program will begin April 1, 2014.

Allocation for Gwinnett County and 16 cities:

County: 78.9 percent

Cities: 21.1 percent

Voters will consider SPLOST referendum on November 5 Election Ballot:

++ 70 percent (approximately $275 Million) for transportation projects:

  • Roads, bridges, intersection improvements, sidewalks
  • Includes $25 million for joint city/county transportation projects

++ 30 percent for other purposes:

  • Public safety facilities/equipment ($70.7 million)
  • Recreational facilities/equipment ($25.9 million)
  • Library relocation/renovation ($11.8 million)
  • Senior service facilities ($5.9 million)

Current SPLOST Allocations

Public Safety Projects

++ County staff recommended funding for equipment and vehicle replacements, replacement of the Medical Examiner facility , and upgrades to the public safety notification system for emergencies at public schools.

++ On October 22, Commissioners approved the allocation of public safety funds to the following projects:

  • Public safety equipment and vehicles for Fire and Emergency services, Police, and Sheriff ($59.126 million)
  • Medical Examiner's facility replacement ($6.6 million)
  • Upgrade public safety notification system for emergencies at schools ($5 million)

Recreation Projects

++ Recreation Authority serves as the public body for prioritizing projects that will be funded by 2014 SPLOST

++ On October 10, Recreation Authority recommended focusing proposed 2014 SPLOST funding for parks and recreation projects on improving/renovation existing parks and park facilities.

++ Projects will come from the updated Park and Recreation Capital Improvement Plan and will fall into several categories:

  • Countywide park system rehabilitation projects (e.g., ADA improvements, aquatic facilities renovations, athletic fields renovations, energy conservation projects, park furnishings and equipment, park security projects)
  • Existing park renovations and development, based on current park master plans and other existing conditions.
  • Historic and cultural assets (e.g., Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, Environmental and Heritage Center)

Library Projects

++ 2014 SPLOST would fund two proposed library relocations that have received partial funding from previous sales tax programs.

  • Duluth Branch Library
  • Norcross Branch Library

Senior Services Projects

++ Four public meetings were held in October to discuss potential projects

++ Types of senior facilities and equipment under consideration:

  • Expansion/renovation to existing senior center facilities such as improved drop-off areas, more space for dining and activities, general renovations, larger and updated restrooms, outdoor improvements such as expanded patios, sidewalks/walking paths, and easily accessible handicapped parking
  • Potential for new senior center to serve southern Gwinnett County
  • ADA-accessible vehicles for senior centers for local activities and trips
  • Replacement vans for home-delivered meals program

Other public involvement if SPLOST is approved

++ Citizen's oversight committee to monitor all spending

++ Conduct annual audits of spending by each entity and of the SPLOST program as a whole.

++ Post SPLOST projects status report on city and county websites and in the newspaper by the end of each year.

Past SPLOST Projects


Previous SPLOST programs have funded:

++ More than 700 projects, including school safety, road alignment, bridges, major roads, resurfacing, sidewalks, and unpaved road improvements.

++ Major road projects include:

  • Diverging Diamond Interchange at Pleasant Hill Road and I-85
  • SR 316 from I-85 to Sugarloaf Parkway
  • Sugarloaf Parkway at SR 316
  • McGinnis Ferry Extension from Satellite Boulevard to Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road.

Parks and Recreation

Previous SPLOST programs have funded:

  • Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center construction
  • ALexander Park construction
  • Rabbit Hill Park expansion
  • Harbins Park construction and expansion
  • Isaac Adair House and Lawrenceville Female Seminary renovation

Public Safety

Previous SPLOST programs have funded:

  • Animal Welfare and Enforcement Center construction
  • Police Training Complex construction
  • Police Headquarters renovation and Annex/E-911 center construction
  • Fire Headquarters building construction
  • Fire Resources Warehouse and ire Apparatus Management building construction.