LETTERS: Loving the printed page

I 100 percent agree with Todd Cline's column ("A reminder of why I love newspapers," May 22, 8A). I remember as a kid seeing my father reading the Augusta newspapers every night after he got home from work. Like him, I have read the papers every night after I get home from work. My kids have me pictured sitting in the den reading newspapers.

In the past I have read up to four papers a day and still get to two or three, starting with the Daily Post.

There is nothing better than a physical, paper newspaper being read. I have to feel the paper. No way I will ever switch to reading papers electronically. Never. The same goes for books.

-- Joel Armistead



kevin 2 years, 1 month ago

We all love the printed page but the new format for the GDP left put the "daily quote" from its blogs and haven't seen a letter to the editor in a week.


kevin 2 years ago

At the very lest, why can't the GDP list all the "obits" by city and not scatter the names all around the column. This is a horrible way to list people.


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