Short plays come to Lionheart Theatre

If you go

What: Onion Man’s Summer Harvest Festival

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays, runs through June 9

Where: Lionheart Theatre, 10 College St., Norcross

Cost: $12 to $16

For more information: Visit www.onionmanprodu...

NORCROSS -- For those with Attention Deficit Disorder, Lionheart Theatre has a theater series for you: The Onion Man's Summer Harvest Festival.

For the fifth year, Onion Man Productions has returned to the Norcross venue to present original 10-minute plays by local playwrights featuring actors from all over Atlanta.

"It is an amazing collection of Atlanta theater talent," said James Beck, managing director for Onion Man. "From the original plays, to the terrific actors and talented directors, it is a highly entertaining experience for the audience and a festival for everyone involved."

The main show, Keep it Legal! features short plays primarily set in a municipal government office. The plays will be a mix of comedy and drama.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, five extra shows will take stage in the Bending the Rules series.

The festival runs through June 9.

Keep it Legal! lineup:

-- "Great Expectations in the Office of Nostalgia" by Hilary King

-- "Re: The E.T. and Tralee at the BP" by Nick Boretz

-- "Moon over Tinyville" by Paige Steadman

-- "The Indifference of Poseidon" by Dre Camacho

-- "Earlvis" by Jeremy Clark

-- "One Stop Heart Shop" by Christopher Rushing

-- "You're Not As Important As You Think You Are" by Kerrie Doty

-- "Bitter and Better" by Daphne Mintz

Bending the Rules line-up:

-- "Fighting Trousers" by Dre Camacho

-- "Playing Post Office" by David Allan Dodson

-- "Waiting" by Christopher Rushing

-- "Anthropomorphized Bottles" by Michael Jared Tarver

-- "Raccoon Roulette" by James Beck