GSA, TYSA team up for new soccer academy

The Gwinnett Soccer Association announced a new joint venture this week with Tucker Youth South Association, the formation of the Gol Soccer Academy.

As part of the endeavor, GSA and TYSA also welcome the Select and U.S. Soccer Development Academy players and coaches from the Atlanta Spurs Football Club. The current Select and ECNL programs of both GSA and TYSA will be combined under the umbrella of the Gol Soccer Academy, which also will host GSA and TYSA's combined Academy programs.

The boys Select program will be managed by Nuno Piteira, the boys director of coaching, and the girls Select program, as well as GSA's ECNL program, will be run by Campbell Chapman, the girls director of coaching. The director of the Academy programs is Warren Van der Westhuizen.

The merger won't affect the current recreational soccer programs for GSA or TYSA.

For tryout information or more details on the Gol Soccer Academy, email to info@gsasoccer.com.