LETTERS: No trusting the government

In a recent speech to university students, President Obama mocked conservatives who questioned the constant intrusion of government in our lives. Americans, he proclaimed, should put our trust in the government to always do the right thing.

Well, the government Obama says we need to unfailingly trust, has admitted that it knowingly and illegally intruded into the lives of American citizens. Seems that the Internal Revenue Service specifically targeted conservative groups for audits and even demanded lists of donors, a blatant illegal act. And this isn't the first time that our government has intruded on the rights of American citizens or audited political opponents.

Trust this government? Not only no, but heck no. For the last two decades, our government has repeatedly demonstrated it cannot be trusted with the future of our nation. The founders of our nation feared a growing, intrusive government so powerful that it would eventually destroy our nation, so the founders wisely structured a form of limited government controlled by a strong Constitution. Predictably, the worst fears of our founders have been realized and we stand on the brink of a permanently installed abusive government because of a citizenry too cowardly to stand up to dictatorial government.

No doubt, I will soon be audited by the IRS.

Ernest Wade



kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

No comments! You hit a home run with this letter. We have lost the society that votes for people based on their actions and not their words. We have lost much of our country under Obama. Our politicians talk but have no real guts to stop them from taking our rights and liberty away. No wonder so many folks own many guns, they are waiting for when this Federal government starts killing all of us who speak against it.


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