CLINE: A reminder of why I love newspapers

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

This is a busy week. Memorial Day is in the offing, school lets out and graduation ceremonies abound. There are many stories to be told, which means it will also be a busy week for us here at the paper. In turn, we hope that makes it an enjoyable week for you, the reader.

Whether it's highlighting state champions -- Berkmar's boys and Parkview's girls won soccer titles on Saturday and the Norcross boys golf team took the crown on Monday -- or introducing the county's new fire chief (you can read about him on today's front page) our goal is to bring you the news of your community.

Like life, it's not all sunshine and lollipops, but there is plenty of good news to go with the other reporting that also serves you.

This week, however, is one where good news abounds. From the freshly minted graduates to the smiles on an elementary child's face as he or she prepares for summer vacation, there is joy in this week. Potential, too. More than 10,000 students will graduate from Gwinnett County Public Schools and others will receive their diplomas from the county's various private schools and Buford. Many of those will go on to careers that bring them back to Gwinnett, back to their community, where someday they may read about their child's graduation or winning soccer goal.

That's the hope, at least. Whether it's on a tablet or smartphone -- or some futuristic invention -- the idea of community and wanting to keep up with it shouldn't change. Which brings me to my point.

The Georgia Press Association is currently promoting a column-writing campaign where prominent Georgians and newspaper folks write about the importance of local newspapers. It's called simply "Why I love newspapers" which is both succinct and appropriate. Though I'm not prominent, I do love newspapers, as more than 20 years in the business would suggest. However, I hesitated to write on this subject because it seemed too self-serving.

But I changed my mind after a trip to Key West this past weekend. I know that may sound odd, but being on vacation and reading a paper is much different than reading the newspaper you labor over on a daily basis. Like a chef who never enjoys his food as much as his guests do, newspaper folks can be too self-critical. After all, if your son is in the headline for scoring the winning touchdown, should you really care if it's in Helvetica or Comic Sans?

In Key West, I was able to enjoy the paper as an everyday reader. And it had some great information -- like the resort I attended a wedding at had just sold for $90 million -- and some fun things, like results from the local Bocce league. I got a lot out of that paper, not the least of which is that I one day would like to participate in that league.

I also had this thought: I hope our readers in Gwinnett have as much enjoyment reading our paper as I did in perusing that one.

So now you know why I love newspapers. As for Key West, that's a column for another day.

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