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Library wins awards for commitment to arts

Special Phoot Gwinnett County Public Library Won the Top Award from the Georgia Arts Network and a "Gwinnie" from the Hudgens.

Special Phoot Gwinnett County Public Library Won the Top Award from the Georgia Arts Network and a "Gwinnie" from the Hudgens.

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The Gwinnett County Public Library recently won the top award from the Georgia Arts Network and a "Gwinnie" from the Hudgens Center for the Arts.

The library received two awards that recognize an ongoing commitment to arts partnerships in Gwinnett County. The Georgia Arts Network honored the library system with the 2013 START Award for outstanding achievements in the community arts field. The Hudgens Center for the Arts awarded a Gwinnie Award in appreciation of the library system's contribution to the arts.

The StART Award acknowledges GCPL's annual Fall Into The Arts series, recognizing it as a program of "remarkable merit that has a recognizable impact" on the community.

This annual series coordinates arts groups and initiatives, highlighting what the community has to offer and making it available to all citizens by removing some of the barriers -- lack of time, money, and transportation to name a few-- that can prevent residents from attending and participating in humanities programs.

"Fall Into The Arts is a natural extension of the Library's passion for connecting our community through programs that enrich, educate, and inspire people from all over the County," said Gwinnett County Public Library Executive Director Nancy Stanbery-Kellam. "Everyone has encountered a work of art -- whether it is literary, visual, or musical -- that has made a profound impact on the way we see the world and ourselves. The Library aims to be a part of this experience, which is both personal and communal, and at all levels immeasurably valuable."

During this year's Gwinnie Awards, Executive Director of the Hudgens Center for the Arts Teresa Osborn delivered a tribute to the Library for GCPL's work in advancing the arts in Gwinnett.

GCPL was noted for both the recent Georgia Arts Network award and how the Library showcases local artists in each branch throughout the year. In addition, the Library has worked with the Hudgens to promote the work of participants in the Library's Altered Books contest and Pulp Fashion exhibit.

For more information about the Gwinnett County Public Library, the Fall Into the Arts series, or other programs, visit or call (770) 978-5154.

-- From Staff Reports