Cops: Winder man coaxes wife to plot his murder

WINDER -- In an interesting (and murderous) twist on the proverbial love triangle, a Winder man recently posed as his wife's boyfriend in order to plot his own death.

Barrow County sheriff's deputies reported to the man's home this week after he called them to report his wife was trying to have him killed -- and that he had "text messages from her to prove it." After reading those messages, though, authorities didn't quite give him the answer he was looking for.

According to an incident report, the complainant identified himself as "Don Juan" in the string of text messages, "trying to pretend to be (his wife's) boyfriend outside of their marriage." They talked of sexual encounters and oral sex before "Don Juan" asked about the woman's husband.

"(The woman) replied with statements that said that she had (the Department of Family and Child Services) working on him and he would get what he deserved," the report said.

Remaining under the virtual disguise of Don Juan, the complainant proceeded to tell his wife that he knew people that would kill him(self) and make it look like a robbery.

"(The man) was essentially plotting with his wife to have himself murdered," the responding deputy wrote in his report. "When she would not respond with the answer of yes that he wanted, he would continue to antagonize her with questions and statements about getting insurance money and splitting money with her."

The deputy advised that the complainant "could not entrap someone into a murder scheme against himself by harassing her about it," and recommended he file for a restraining order if he was concerned for his safety.

No charges were filed.