Former GDP reporter releases book of short ‘Rhapsodies’


Josh Green

ATLANTA -- Josh Green. Does that name ring a bell? It should.

He's the Gwinnett Daily Post's former crime reporter with several awards under his belt, including first-place awards in investigative reporting, feature writing and hard news writing.

Now Green has a new accomplishment to brag about -- his recently released book, "Dirtyville Rhapsodies," which is a collection of 18 short fiction stories. Many of the pieces have appeared in national literary journals, magazines and anthologies, which were compiled over the past five years.

"The ideas and inspiration for the stories came from many disparate places -- ranging from a honeymoon in Costa Rica to a trip to grab a six pack at Walmart," Green said. "Some stories borrow from people and situations I came across on the newspaper beat in Gwinnett. It's rich literary turf."

And as for the title, there's nothing creepy or weird behind it, explains Green.

"The title doesn't refer to anything nefarious or erotic, necessarily, but it serves as kind of an homage to metro Atlanta -- the capital of the 'Dirty South' as they say," he said. "That's where most stories are based, right here. And rhapsodies can refer to more than music. The definition I was shooting for was a 'highly emotional utterance,' or something like that."

Although the collection focuses on regular Joe-schmoes getting caught in some peculiar situations, Green hopes that his readers walk away with a new point of view toward their world around them.

"It might sound cheesy, but I'd hope readers could take away some new insight into the modern American experience," he said. "There's some material that might offend a few people, but I worked very hard with the publisher to eliminate anything that was gratuitous. That being said, it's not, you know, 'Harry Potter.'"

"Dirtyville Rhapsodies" is on sale through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com, and it should appear in metro Atlanta retailers soon. Hardcover and eBook versions will be available for purchase later this year.

For more information about Green, the book and other writings, visit joshrgreen.com.


RosieW 11 months ago

Gwinnett Public Library doesn't have it yet. I hope 'yet' is the operative word.

Josh wrote a wonderful article about my daughter's Little Free Library. I wish Josh great success with this book.


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