Eight-foot-deep sinkhole causes trouble on busy road

SNELLVILLE — A sinkhole about eight feet deep was discovered on Wednesday night at about 6:45 p.m., a Snellville Police official said.

Snellville Police Chief Roy Whitehead said the sinkhole, “apparently caused by a rusted out metal pipe,” was in the right turn lane on northbound Scenic Highway at Henry Clower Blvd. Only the turn lane was affected, he said, but “sufficient room” remained for drivers to maneuver around the hole and make right turns.

Police said the hole was in the northbound lanes on Scenic Highway south of Henry Clower Boulevard. A tweet from Snellville Police said Department of Transportation officials were on scene before 8 p.m., and one lane was open. Detours weren’t immediately required.

It was reported late Wednesday that the sinkhole had been repaired and that morning traffic was not affected.


Snellville sinkhole location

Snellville sinkhole location


kevin 1 year, 2 months ago

I wonder if you can buy sinkhole damages from the insurance company? This is starting to be a common problem. You can buy insurance for everything else!


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