LETTERS: Robinson wrong on sequestration

Robinson wrong on sequestration

In his column, Eugene Robinson ("Obama goes wobbly on sequestration," May 3, 7A) suggests that President Obama, by signing the "legislation that cushions air travelers" from the effects of sequestration cuts, missed the opportunity to make an irresponsible Congress face the consequences of its own dumb actions.

It appears Mr. Robinson forgets that the idea of sequestration came out of the White House. Notwithstanding, sequestration is really a reduction in the amount of spending increases. Faced with the necessity of reducing spending, any business or family -- but not necessarily the government -- would make the cuts resulting in the least amount of negative results.

It is also noted "that the money that will keep controllers on the job was originally slated for airport improvements." Doesn't this suggest that the controllers were funded and the cuts in funds due to sequestration should not affect their staffing?

Robinson bemoans the idea that air travel has been made more convenient for the "jet-set constituents" of Congress while nothing is being done for Head Start and Section 8 housing funds. Obviously Mr. Robinson forgets that some of these "jet-set constituents" are doing a job to earn money and pay taxes. These taxes, in return, pay for such programs as Head Start and Section 8. It appears that it is acceptable to make people uncomfortable as long as he is able to decide who those people are.

-- Bob Pietruszka



JV 2 years, 3 months ago

Good comment Bob. You can also sign up with the GDP and post comments. We could use your help friend.



kevin 2 years, 3 months ago

we are saving millions on vacations since Obama has been so busy trying to stop the bleeding from his administration lately.


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