Loganville woman charged with exploitation

Leah Waller

Leah Waller

LOGANVILLE -- Another charge was filed this week for a Loganville woman who authorities have said lived in deplorable conditions in a house where dog feces lined the floors.

Leah Tamara Waller was charged with exploitation of a disabled adult, a felony, on Wednesday after an animal control officer, Gwinnett County Health Department officials and Gwinnett Police said hazmat suits were needed to enter the house where her 19-year-old son lived. Authorities entered the home at 3668 Range Way on April 22 after a neighbor reported animal feces that could be smelled "all the way to the sidewalk."

Waller's son, who suffers from cerebral palsy and arrived on scene with his mother and aunt, was also determined to need "further treatment at the hospital."

The responding animal control officer reportedly, "looked in the windows and stated there were inches of feces lining the floors."

State law states that the term "disabled adult" means a person 18 years or older, and in this case, "mentally or physically incapacitated."

The felony charge could be punishable for one to five years in prison.

Before last week, Waller was also arrested several times in 2006 and 2007 for probation and traffic violations.