SRTA appoints Loganville man as executive director

Christopher Tomlinson

Christopher Tomlinson

ATLANTA -- A Morehouse College graduate with extensive experience in law and transportation was appointed to head the State Road and Tollway Authority on Wednesday.

Christopher Tomlinson, former Deputy Executive Director and general counsel of the SRTA, was appointed by a unanimous vote to head the agency effective on Monday. Tomlinson, a Loganville resident, previously served as general counsel for the Georgia Department of Transportation, according to a news release.

The SRTA manages the state's HOT lanes operation and other toll services.

As the Deputy Executive Director, Tomlinson offered oversight for day-to-day operations, and guidance on legal and policy matters of the SRTA.

Tomlinson has also served as director of legal servies or general counsel for other state entities, such as the Georgia Technology Authority, the Georgia Building Authority, the State Properties Commission and the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission.

Tomlinson also has experience in public procurement, contract law and information technology. He earned his law degree from the Georgia State University College of Law.

Tomlinson replaces Gena Evans, who resigned last month.


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

At the rate of collections being taken in, it will take 20+ yrs to pay for the cost of these toll lanes. And now they have added more payroll expense to the mix. What do they need a director for? Over some computer punchers?


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