Parents arrested on drug charges, left infant home alone

Sean Michael Griffin

Sean Michael Griffin


Kelly Morgan Griffin

BUFORD -- Two parents who allegedly left their 5-month-old daughter home alone were found at a nearby school with conflicting stories about who was responsible for the child.

Sean Michael Griffin and Kelly Morgan Griffin were booked into the Gwinnett jail on Friday and charged with cruelty to children, maintaining a disorderly house and several drug charges after she dropped a Xanax pill out of her pocket.

A neighbor reported to police that they left the front door of their house open and left without the infant, who was crying in a disheveled house.

A Gwinnett County Police incident report said the reporting officer found a "large amount of clothing strewn about the floors in all upstairs rooms, clutter of picture frames on the floors, toys stacked in closets and floors and cigarette ashes and butts all over the upstairs master bedroom near the small baby crib."

There was also glasses that appeared to be filled with some type of alcoholic beverages in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, and a moderate smell of what appeared to be burnt marijuana, the report said.

A grandmother and a case worker from the Department of Family and Children's Services also responded to the scene.

While one officer was at the home, another found the couple at Ivey Creek Elementary School in Buford.

At the school, an officer found Sean Griffin in the driver's seat of a vehicle, "apparently asleep."

"Sean was wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts, and had socks, but no shoes on," wrote the officer, who added that the man said his wife rushed him out of the house.

The officer wrote that Sean Griffin was "very disoriented" and confused that his daughter was not in the school with his wife.

Meanwhile, Kelly Griffin was in the school arguing with the staff about her older children, who were brought back to the school after a bus driver attempted to drop them off at home, but no one was home.

She also appeared "very disoriented and had extremely slurred speech and bloodshot eyes."

Unable to contact Kelly Griffin, the officer wrote that school officials contacted her ex-husband to pick up the children.

After the officer spoke to Sean Griffin, he returned to Kelly Griffin, who dropped a Xanax pill out of her pocket. The officer then found three more Xanax pills in her purse and confirmed that with the Georgia Poison Control Hotline.

Sean Griffin said the pills were his, that his wife took them from him, but he didn't have a prescription for them.

"Both parents were very confused and had different stories as to how they had left the house," the officer wrote. "At no time during the entire encounter with the Griffins did they ask me about the welfare or health of their 5-month-old child."

During the ride to the jail, the officer wrote that they continued to argue about who left the child at the house.


Kat 2 years, 6 months ago

Poor children. Too bad the court can't order sterilization. Parenting classes and evaluations are all the law will allow.


erikawhoo 2 years, 6 months ago

They need extensive treatment and or JAIL time to get their act's together. Thank goodness the child was ok and not harmed or hurt in any way. Sounds like all their children would be better off and safer with their Grandmother!!! Things like this are the exact reason why we have Family and Children Services. And all of the many different agencies in county and state government.


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