'Duck Dynasty' star speaks at Hebron

Jase Robertson, star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty"

Jase Robertson, star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty"

DACULA - Duck Nation is alive and better than ever as was evident by the more than 10,000 people in attendance at Hebron Church on Sunday.

The people were there to see Jase Robertson, one of the stars of A&E's "Duck Dynasty," who was there to share his faith and testimony in two Sunday services.

"I don't consider myself a celebrity," he said. "I'm just a southern boy who loves to hunt and fish. More importantly, I'm a follower of Christ."

That was the heart of Robertson's message as he shared with the crowd how the creators of the reality show originally told the family the more rifts and four-letter words they used, the better.

"We told them it wasn't going to work because that's not our family," Robertson said. "Sure, we pick at each other, but we genuinely love one another."

That thought is none more evident to watchers of the show as it ends in the same manner each episode. The family is sitting around the table praying, thanking God for what has been given to them.

"I think it's wonderful how each episode ends that way," said Braselton resident Lamar Martin. "They represent their faith. Not too many shows (on television) get by with good, clean fun."

Martin said that's the major reason he wanted to come see Robertson speak.

"We're big fans of the show," he said. "The language is clean, but you also see they are normal people who just have fun. It shows you can be a believer and still have fun."

And fun is exactly what Robertson had with the crowd.

"We always wonder if there is hunting in heaven," he said. "After Jesus was crucified and returned, he fished. Just look in John 21, where it says the fishermen caught the fish and Jesus said for them to join him by a fire with fish on it for breakfast. So, if there must be hunting if there was a fish fry.

"And just think...there won't be a game warden around."

Along with the jokes on hunting, Robertson got serious on the issue of life.

"There are no mistakes in God's eyes," he said. "Everyone has a purpose. Whether it's inside the womb or outside, that's life. It's all God's masterpiece."

Robertson ended his message by telling those in attendance that God changed his life in a massive way.

"It used to be all about me," he said. "Now I know it's God first, others second and me dead last."


DonPedro_SanGomez_de_Martinez 2 years, 6 months ago

A very fun and entertaining show with an outstanding message. I had a great time. I have much respect for Jase and his family and wish them all the best in their success.


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