Michael Vick pit bull loving life

It was a story that captivated the nation and roused anger at former Atlanta Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick.

More than 70 dogs, mostly pit bulls, were seized from Vick's property in Virginia after evidence of a dogfighting ring known as Bad Newz Kennels.

For Charles (now Chucky), that story was all too real as he was one of the pit bulls seized by investigators. While his role in the dogfighting is unknown, it still had an affect on the pit bull.

Almost six years later, Chucky has a new life in Charleston, S.C., with his new owner Warren Anderson.

When the pit bulls were seized, three of them were given to Georgia SPCA to adopt out, including Chucky.

Anderson, who is the brother of Georgia SPCA executive director Jane Stewart, received a call from his sister about possibly adopting Chucky.

"He was in another foster care and I called him about Chucky," Stewart said. "He had a pit bull out of college and really understood the breed."

While the early days were tough as both got adjusted, Anderson said Chucky has an outgoing personality and is doing well.

"I remember I would sit on the other side of the couch from Chucky because I was still unsure about him," he said. "But, he grew on me and I grew on him and we started getting close.

"Now, he doesn't like to leave me."

Stewart said it's almost comical the way Chucky reacts when her brother leaves the room.

"I remember Warren left the house one time and didn't put him in a kennel, saying he would be fine," Stewart said. "When he came back, there was a Chucky-sized hole in the wall of the guest bedroom. I've never seen that kind of attachment between an owner and his dog."

Helping take care of his parents, who are in their 80s, Anderson said he doesn't have to worry about Chucky being aggressive.

"He's so gentle with them," he said.

Stewart said it's amazing to see where Chucky is now compared to where he used to be.

"His love for humans is amazing," she said. "You wouldn't know he's one of Vick's pit bulls. He has a good home and that's what all dogs need."