Counteroffers cast in Sugar Hill renaming proposal

SUGAR HILL -- Could Gary Pirkle soon be your Sugar Daddie?

The mayor of Sugar Hill told a marketer for online dating site SugarDaddie.com that local residents aren't interested in changing the town's name -- even though an offer from earlier this week more than doubled Thursday to $7.75 million for 12 years.

But he said the mayor title could be changed to Sugar Daddie for one year for $1 million.

After traveling from Los Angeles to meet at City Hall Thursday, Darren Shuster said he will take the offer to the company execs, who started a quest earlier this year to rebrand a "sugar" city for the company's 10-year anniversary. A similar offer was rejected in Sugar Land, Texas.

While a proposal to place a statue Hugh Hefner, or "another public figure that reflects the sugar daddy lifestyle" in front of City Hall, was off the table in the second offer, Pirkle said the city would consider a "gold-digger" type statue.

After all, he said, one legend about the nearly 75-year-old city's name comes from Georgia's gold-mining industry.

The more popular tale surrounds a cart of sugar spilling on the land, but Pirkle said the more likely scenario comes from the quartz vein that surrounds gold and crumbles into what appears to be a hill of sugar when the gold is mined.

"We have a history of gold diggers, and they have a website for gold diggers, so I offered to let them install a bronze statue of a gold miner near City Hall," Pirkle said. "He said he would take both offers back to his client."


kthomas 2 years, 2 months ago

If the offer was to rename the city 'Gary Pirkle' I bet he would have jumped. Just like he did a few years back when the Garner family sold their land to the city to build a park. The original agreement was to name the park after the family. But along the way the city reneged and instead named it after, you guessed it, the sitting mayor. Don't get me wrong, its a very nice park and the city did a great job in building it. But the name is just wrong. And do not believe the stories that Pirkle did not agree with the motion to name it after himself, or that the business was done while he was away. The council meeting notes from 5-14-07 tell exactly how it went down. (see http://cityofsugarhill.com/content/62/141/208/4989.aspx)


kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

A prime example of selling your soul for a buck!


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