Local kids headed to state science fair

ATHENS -- More than 60 student projects from Gwinnett County Public Schools will be on display Thursday through Saturday during the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair in Athens.

The soon-to-be-featured projects from 25 local schools is the work of 83 students who earned first place during the Gwinnett County Regional Science and Engineering Fair in February.

"Not only was the fair large, but the quality of projects was also impressive," said Jonathon Wetherington, GCPS director of science.

The following students will be at the 2013 Georgia Science and Engineering Fair:

Ruth Melka, Ryan Chen, Adarsh Suresh, Asiya Abbas, Emily Ruengyivatpant and Rylee Mercer, all of Brookwood High School; Samir Panjwani, Central Gwinnett; Salona Patel, Bhakti Patel, Vinay Patel, Giahoa Nguyen, Nina Smith, Ryan Hawks, Jake Inderrieden, Aksal Vashi, Fernando Cruz, Seong Kim, Naureen Sial, Prachi Patel, Tommy Lawrence, Nicholas Crowther, Margo Bridgers and Asia Hogan, all of Collins Hill; Cason Calhoun, Dacula High; Nathaniel Hinton, Caroline Hinton, Jared Borders and Jonathan Li, Duluth High; Tyler Quill, Bayian Yahya, Thuy-An Phan, Taylor Pope, all of Grayson High; Daniel H. Park, Hirsh Patel, Viral Shah, Daniela Ruiz, Julie Kim, Juliane Park, Na Esther Park, Willie Jin, Kayla Allen and Janel Gale; Cynthia Andrade, Meadowcreek High; Byung Jung, Hyeon Woo Shim, Kylie Balotin, Mounika Pogula, Yong Lee, Joshua Neely and Sergio Parra, all of Mill Creek High; Catherine Schlueter, Alex Herring, both of Mountain View; Claire Della Mahon, Norcross High; Aprotim Cory Bhowmik, Parkview; Rebecca Huh, Zachary Adams, Jason Wu, Brian Chung and Iris Li, all of Peachtree Ridge.

GCPS middle school students advancing to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair:

Ariana Beckett, Bay Creek; Amelia Blankenship and Megan Koshy, Lara Gregory and Rachel Fernandes, all of Creekland; Rebecca Xiong, Eddie Thurmon and Matthew Warth, all of Crews Middle; Abhiramgopal Akella, Five Forks; Clarisse Matyczyk and Nitheyaa Shree, both of Hull Middle; Blake Daymond, Leah Nelson, Jane Ballar, Camyrn Flores and Julia Turner, Lanier Middle; Nathan Tanzosch, McConnell Middle; Michelle Vo, Angelica Wagner and Laura Jimenez, all of Richards Middle; Charles Smith and Cameron Carter, Shiloh;

Aleksander Lucy and Judy Liu, Trickum; and Bradeon Kelly, Twin Rivers.