Fill dirt issues causes demo costs to escalate

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Costs for the demolition of several water and sewer facilities nearly doubled from the original bid, according to a contract change approved by commissioners this week.

"We have a lot more experience building things than tearing them down," county Water Resources Director Ron Seibenhener said after the approval of the $720,000 contractor to a final cost of $1,219,845.

Seibenhener said there were several surprises in the work to take down the Duluth Water Intake Pump House, the Northwoods Maintenance Facility and now-defunct sewage plants at Beaver Ruin, Jack's Creek and No Business Creek. But the biggest obstacle came when the county sold the property at the defunct Jackson Creek plant, which the city of Lilburn purchased to convert into a baseball tournament facility.

That site had a plethora of dirt the county planned to be used for required environmental remediation at the other plant sites, Seibenhenner said. Officials looked into several other possibilities for the fill dirt, but eventually had to agree to the purchase of it.


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

I guess we have the wrong people running the County's water program. This contract should have gone out to the BOC for a rebid with such a large change order? MAybe this is how the winning bidder won the bid in the first place; doing an end run around the Water Director. Humm! Maybe something fishy here. Is this the way a huge contract change is handled by law? What would Mr.Seibenhener or MS. Nash have done if this were at their house and the contract had to be doubled? I'll bet they would get another bid first to be safe rather than sorry. But no. Not the Gwinnett BOC transparent people. Someone should be looking into this contract deal and the laws pertaining to a major change in a contract. Maybe our AG should get involved.


Mack711 2 years, 6 months ago

Did they not take a soil sample of the area in order to ensure what they were dealing with before demolition? Thought that was SOP. Now they want more money to complete the job.


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