Peachtree Corners approves two new businesses

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- Peachtree Corners is set to grow by two businesses after getting approval during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The companies include Newell Recycling (auto salvage) and Peachtree Growlers Co., which will specialize in retail/package of malt beverages.

The auto salvage company had a special-use permit approved that will allow for it to set up operations.

However, Bobby Triesch asked the council to strike Condition H from the plan, which called for the applicant to reapply if nothing was done within 24 months.

"If approved, we're going to get to work tomorrow," Triesch said. "There won't be any delay in us getting this going."

For Peachtree Growlers, the alcohol permit will allow the company to bring something that is not in Gwinnett County, according to the applicant, Steven Hamlet.

"It's something different than what is seen," he said. "This process has no preservatives as the beer is poured straight from its original storage containers. It's the original way people got their beer and it only recently has become popular again."

Hamlet said a majority of what his company will serve is specialty craft beers from all over the country.

The City Council also approved for a 16-lot subdivision off Bush Road to install a security gate.

However, a few conditions must be met for council's approval to be final.

First, the neighborhood is to have a mandatory homeowner's association, which will oversee all roadwork and improvements that might need to be made in the future.

"We can't have only two homeowners be responsible for everything. That would cost too much for them," said councilwoman Jeanne Aulbach. "It needs to be mandatory for everyone because we don't need them to come back to the city in 20 years and say they can't take care of it."

Aulbach also requested that the HOA present a copy of their covenants before they're adopted, to which planning development director Diana Wheeler agreed.


RiggaTony 2 years, 5 months ago

Malt liquor and junk cars? Way to step up your image, Peachtree Corners.


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