Bank account to be established for injured train wreck victim

NORCROSS -- The girlfriend and sister of a man seriously injured last week when a train crashed into a truck he was driving are setting up a bank account to help support his three children in Orlando.

Lorenzo Wilkerson, 40, of Riverdale was in a medically induced coma on Monday afternoon and scheduled for a third surgery on Tuesday. Wilkerson was behind the wheel of an Ford F-150 on March 12 when his boss, Tony Lungaro, of Sunshine Waterproofing and Foundation Repair tried to dislodge the truck from the tracks, Wilkerson's girlfriend said.

Before a train arrived, the truck collided with a van on the tracks. Lungaro died at the scene.

Algeria Price said she would open a "Lorenzo Wilkerson" account on Tuesday at Chase Bank to support Wilkerson's three children who are 13, 10 and 9 years old.

"Right now he's stable, he's not responsive," Price said on Monday afternoon. "It's a miracle he's doing as well as he is."

Price said Wilkerson suffered two broken legs, a broken left hip and pelvis, along with damage to his colon. The good news is internal bleeding has stopped, she said.

The wreck happened just before 5 p.m. on the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks at Buford Highway and Amwiler Road in southwest Gwinnett.

Price said Lungaro and Wilkerson were the two main employees who work for the business.

Price said Wilkerson's family is grateful for his recovery, and thankful for two employees of Humphrey's Construction who tried to help Wilkerson out of the truck, and have called Gwinnett Medical Center to check on his condition.


srhanible 2 years, 4 months ago

My name is Stephanie Hanible and i am the mother of Lorenzo Wilkerson's three children. I am writing because this is the first time i have heard of this account that is suppose to help my children. I did not receive any information or details regarding this account and i have been in contact with Ms.Price but was still never told.


algeriap71 2 years, 4 months ago

I'm Algeria Price and in response to the above comment I told Stephanie Hanible on a phone conversation that I was unable to set up this account due to my own personal tagedy that Ms Hanible is well aware of. I just want to post this comment to clear the air that is being stirred as if I or Mr Wilkerson is doing something wrong and I also told Stephanie to call Chase bank to verify that there is no account I don't want anyone to feel we are taking from anyone especially in a time like this.

Sincerely Algeria Price


srhanible 2 years ago

I was not informed of this until after the fact. I have been caring for my children on my own since before the accident and did not appreciate reading about information i should have been told regardless if it hadnt been established because according to the article the account was being set up and i was told by a relative of Mr.Wilkerson that something was being done for my kids. Mr.Wilkerson has always been a part of our children lives but I have been the one financially to care for them.

Thank You Stephanie Hanible


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