POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall, Broun talk about federal budget

This past week, Gwinnett Congressman Rob Woodall worked on Paul Ryan's proposed federal budget, helping the mark-up process as a member of the Budget Committee.

But this week, the Lawrenceville Republican will release his own proposal.

Woodall, who is chair of the Republican Study Budget Task Force, said the proposal that group has been working on is even more conservative than Ryan's spending plan, opening up a Medicare reform program five years earlier and taking out any revenues that would come from the payroll tax increase that began in January.

"While I support what Paul has done, we are going to offer some other ideas," Woodall said from his Washington office Friday, before flying down for Lawrenceville's Spring Green Festival on Saturday.

The proposal freezes discretionary spending at 2008 levels and would limit government spending even more than the Budget Chairman's version.

"We believe in those concepts. We'd just like to see them implemented sooner rather than later," Woodall said.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, whose district stretches into eastern Gwinnett, came out with harsher criticism of the Ryan plan, which could come before Congress for a vote this week.

"This budget fails to seriously address our nation's most pressing problem, and that's the out-of-control spending going on in Washington," said Broun, who is running for U.S. Senate. "Instead of enacting real spending cuts or taking steps to curb our fiscal irresponsibility, Chairman Ryan's proposal in fact encourages spending growth. The 'Path to Prosperity' still grows government spending by 3.4 percent each year, compared to the president's path, which is 5 percent a year. In just 10 years, it would spend $41 trillion -- not much less than the $46 trillion that the president's plan would allow. The mentality of 'increase spending, but not as much as the other guy,' is what got us into this mess in the first place, and it has to stop."

Broun said the nation needs deeper cuts.

"Unfortunately, this proposal only scrapes the surface," Broun said. "I'm positive that there is indeed a 'Path to Prosperity,' but Chairman Ryan's budget certainly isn't it."Johnson joins human rights groupGwinnett's third congressman, U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, joined a new organization this week, pledging to advocate for human rights both inside and outside of Congress.

Johnson accepted an invitation to join the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, named for former California Congressman Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to ever serve in the U.S. Congress.

"If the United States stands for anything, we must stand for human rights," Johnson said. "As the Declaration of Human Rights says, 'all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.' I believe that to my core. I'm excited to be a part of such a prestigious group defending justice and freedom here in America and throughout the world."

More than 75 members of Congress -- both Democrats and Republicans -- are members of the Commission, including Atlanta Rep. John Lewis.

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Why_not 2 years, 6 months ago

At this point Broun will say anything to garner votes for his senate bid......


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