Norcross police looking for victim of possible serial rapist

NORCROSS -- Norcross police have their serial rape suspect; now they're looking for another victim.

Earlier this month, Norcross authorities arrested a 31-year-old Dunwoody man in connection with the alleged rape of a 21-year-old woman at a local hotel. The suspect and victim reportedly met at an Atlanta club before arranging to see each other at the Guest Inn on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

The woman was reportedly offered a drink before being raped over the next several hours.

Further investigation into that case, originally reported by the Daily Post, has revealed a possible second victim, Norcross Police Sgt. Bill Grogan said Thursday.

"Our investigation since then has given us some very viable leads, credible information that most likely this is not the only victim that this man has raped in the past," Grogan said. "We've gathered information that at some time in the summer of last year ... that possibly he did this exact same thing to another female in the same hotel."

Grogan said that sometime last summer -- roughly between June and September -- a woman made an anonymous call to Gwinnett County police, describing her rape but not wanting to come forward. Norcross investigators now believe the same suspect from this month's incident raped that victim, not only in the same hotel but in the same room.

They want to help her.

"We want her to know that we want to talk to her, that she can feel comfortable talking to us," Grogan said. "We've got detectives who are trained in this and have been doing it for many, many years and respect her privacy ... We're begging that she will come forward, now that she can be assured that he is already in custody without bond, and that he will not be getting out for quite a while."

Grogan said the department wants to prosecute the suspect on every alleged incident, not leaving out the possibility that two cases may not be the end of the investigation.

"I can't say that there are other victims, but in our line of work you can never rule that out," he said. "I would not be surprised, unfortunately, if there were other victims that he had done this to the same way."

Authorities have asked that the suspect's identity not be re-published to "eliminate the loss of investigative tools" like photo lineups with any other potential victims that come forward.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Norcross police at 770-448-2111.