Police looking for possible BB gun shooter near I-85

BUFORD -- Police are looking for any suspects who may be involved in two Friday night BB gun shooting incidents along Gravel Springs Road.

A Dacula man driving an Infiniti QX56, and a Hoschton woman driving a Honda CRV both reported their cars were hit with an unknown foreign object before they passed Interstate 85. Gwinnett police responded to the area at about 9:10 p.m. after the woman reported her rear driver side window suddenly busted, according to a police report. The man said a left cargo area window also busted at about 8:45 p.m.

The man told police he was in a pack of cars driving eastbound, and did not see or hear anything that could have caused the damage. But other cars in the pack suddenly slowed down immediately after the incident happened, and the man figured they heard or saw something that caused it.

Two different officers who responded to each incident said they couldn't find a BB, projectiles or foreign objects in either vehicle.

"So it is currently unknown (what) actually caused the damage," one officer wrote.

Gwinnett Police Cpl. Ed Ritter said on Tuesday morning that a suspect has not been identifed.


PookMaster 2 years, 6 months ago

I am the Dacula man who was driving the QX 56. Our window exploded. Glass went everywhere inside our SUV. This was no 9 year old with a BB gun. I believe it was a 50-75 yard shot into a vehicle moving approximately 45 miles per hour. No BB would shatter a window like it did ours. There is a dead end road nearby with dirt road access to I85 and Gravel Springs. I believe this is where they were. While I believe it was a random act of stupidity, I believe this dead end road should be monitored more often. Luckily we had no one in our third row seat or this could have been worse. I appreciate law enforcements quick response that night. Hopefully they can find and apprehend this criminal.


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