LETTERS: Woodall was correct that sequestration is an 'opportunity'

The Daily Post has recently published three political cartoons depicting the dire circumstances associated with sequestration. Maybe that had an influence on letter writer Brad Burns' belief that Rob Woodall was "disingenuous" in his article on sequester and the looming subsequent damage to a fragile economy.

Trillions of dollars have been spent over the last 4 to 5 years to stimulate the economy and unemployment is still around 8 percent. The money targeted by sequestration is not really a "cut." It is really a reduction in the rate of spending growth.

When the government spends $500M subsidizing SOLYNDRA, which went bankrupt, $84M subsidizing snacks sold on AMTRAK and, just recently, $50M on new TSA uniforms (at $1,000 each), I would venture to say there were things that if cut that would have no or little impact on the economy.

The government needs to begin thinking like a family or business, neither of which have unlimited funds. When expenses exceed income, cuts have to be made. Mr. Woodall was correct: This is an opportunity. An opportunity that has been needed for quite a while.

-- Bob Pietruszka