Tripp could leave hospital at end of month

Tripp Halstead

Tripp Halstead

It was a weekend of ups and downs for Tripp Halstead, but the best news came on Sunday night when his parents announced a cross-country bicycle fundraiser.

The 2-year-old, approaching the five-month mark in the hospital following a traumatic brain injury on Oct. 29, was diagnosed with Pneumocephaues on Saturday, which followed the toddler's first smile in months on Friday. His mother, Stacy, wrote on Facebook that Pneumocephaues is a condition in which air is trapped in his head and causes bad headaches.

The air was trapped in his head following a 10th surgery on Friday, his mother wrote.

"They have increased his meds but are worried about his breathing with such a high dose of meds in him," Stacy wrote on Facebook. "I thought we were so close to him finally feeling better and now he is worse. I want to scream!!!"

Halstead's status improved on Sunday and Monday when his mother reported that his cerebrospinal fluid was clear. She previously said doctors need several days of clear, bacteria-free fluid before they can move to other recovery procedures, such as a shunt in his head.

Also on Sunday, Stacy wrote that her son made more progress.

"He is starting to move more, lift his little arms off the bed and stretch," she wrote. "It is the cutest (sight) ever. He has laid here for weeks and not moved, not even moved his head from side to side or lifted a finger. Now he will turn his head and move his arms. He seems to be happy and relaxed."

If doctors find bacteria-free fluid for two more days, Halstead could leave the pediatric intensive care unit, where he has been for 25 days, and return to a regular room, Stacy wrote. Antibiotics are scheduled to end on March 27, and if he doesn't have any setbacks, Halstead could go home then.

One day after a Buford consignment store put on a fundraiser for the family, it was announced that a New York family who has been touched by the Halstead story would put on their own fundraiser.

Dave Nazaroff, co-founder of the Toga Multisport Club in Nyack, N.Y., will ride more than 900 miles to Atlanta in five or six days to deliver a check to the Halstead family. Nazaroff is scheduled to leave on June 26.

On the Facebook page "Tripp Halstead Updates," Nazaroff is described as a seven-time Ironman. In a letter to supporters, organizers of the bicycle fundraiser said the Halstead family was similar to their own.

"When I looked at Tripp's picture I could not believe his resemblance to our George. Same age ... blond hair, blue eyes, joyful grin," the letter stated. "I couldn't shake the thought, 'What if this was George? What if this happened to us?' They are an active, fun family just like we are. I found myself checking my phone many times a day to see how Tripp was doing."

On its website, organizers of "Ride to Give benefitting Tripp Halstead" said all of the proceeds would go to the family.


kevin 2 years, 5 months ago

God bless you little guy. You are an example of courage.


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