Snellville extends moratorium on assisted living facilities, more

SNELLVILLE -- City leaders Monday evening passed a resolution extending a moratorium on accepting new permit applications for assisted living facilities, group homes, personal care homes and community living arrangements. According to Councilman Dave Emanuel, state and federal regulations regarding these types of homes have changed, and the city needs more time to review and adjust their ordinances in order to remain in compliance.

The moratorium has been extended through May 30.

Ethics complaints still to be resolved

Emanuel said Monday that an ethics complaint filed against Councilman Mike Sabbagh by Russ Nuspliger with Gwinnett Ethics will hopefully be resolved between the two parties and not in an open forum, which would cause further divisiveness among Snellville leaders.

An item that appeared on Monday's council meeting agenda was tabled, with Emanuel asking that the matter be tabled pending a resolution between Gwinnett Ethics and Sabbagh.

City manager presents report

City Manager Butch Sanders presented a report to Snellville's mayor and council Monday, stressing his emphasis on economic development within the city. According to Sanders, he, Police Chief Roy Whitehead, Economic Development Manager Eric Van Otteren and City Planner Jon Davis meet weekly to review new business licenses and building permits, among other economic indicators.

"I hope the economy picks up, and we're looking forward to building recruitment and relationships," Sanders said in his update to city officials.


kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

How long can it take to change an ordinance? Five minutes? This must be about under the table money to get this moving.


DaveEmanuel 2 years, 2 months ago

Kevin- You're correct, changing an ordinance doesn't take very long. Doing the research necessary to assure that such ordinances are in compliance with state and federal requirements is an entirely different matter. If you would like to offer your assistance in wading through the pile of federal and state documents that must be evaluated before changing our ordinance, please contact me. And perhaps you can also uncover the source of "under the table money" that you think exists. I'm sure the district attorney's office has an interest in such matters. Dave Emanuel Snillville City Council, Post 1


Why_not 2 years, 2 months ago

Kevin is an "expert" at posting comments only.


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