New plays open in Norcross, Snellville

In the mood for a story that turns a town upside down? Or a love story between aging spouses? Well, both of these tales are opening on stages this weekend.

In Norcross, Lionheart Theater opens "Second Samuel," which is a slightly controversial and humor-filled play takes place in the 1940s at a small town in Georgia called Second Samuel. When the beloved Miss Gertrude passed away, deep, dark secrets are revealed and the town is divided about her death.

The play begins with the main character, B Flat, sitting on Miss Gertrude's porch, writing and talking about her passing. By the end of Act I, everyone knows the big secret and the town is split down the middle about the news.

Due to the nature of the secret and the play's themes, it isn't recommended for young audiences.

Tickets range from $13 to $16. The play runs through March 24 at 10 College St. in Norcross. For more information, visit www.lionhearttheatre.org.

In Snellville, the New London Theatre opens "On Golden Pond," a love story between Ethel and Normal Thayer. The plot follows the married couple, who returns to their summer home for the 48th time. The elderly duo -- both slipping in their health -- spend the summer together and with family.

Then, disaster strikes, which strengthens the Thayers bond for each other because they know time is against them.

Tickets range from $10 to $15. The play runs through March 24 at 2338 Henry Clower Blvd. in Snellville. For more information, visit www.newlondontheatre.org.