Dacula accepts annexation application

DACULA -- City officials voted unanimously Thursday to accept an annexation application from Gwinnett Metro Baptist NCF, with the applicant being Nation of Christ Church. The 5.64 acre property is located at Ace McMillan Road and Harbins Road.

Thursday's action indicates neither acceptance nor rejection of the proposed annexation; rather, official acceptance of an annexation application is merely the first step in the long process. Gwinnett County has 30 days to respond to the city's intent to annex. According to city attorney Dennis Still, that 30-day allowance may mean that the matter will not be heard at Dacula's April 4 council meeting.Tanner Road widening project pendingCity administrator Jim Osborn said Thursday that "We (city staff) have heard a lot of complaints about the narrow portion of Tanner Road." Pursuit of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) would mean about a year and a half for project completion, according to Osborn, who recommended using SPLOST funds for this road improvement project.

Using SPLOST money, the area of Tanner Road between Harbins Road and Franklin Road, currently 18 feet wide curb-to-curb, will be widened to 24 feet curb to curb.

Thursday's action was the first of many, including surveying the road to check Right of Way and construction easements that may be required.

Osborn went further to suggest that CDBG funds be used for improvements to Hill Circle in Dacula. That project, according to both Osborn and councilman Greg Reeves, can wait the projected year and a half for completion.Resident voices concerns about safety near new Public Works facilityDacula citizen Nanette Klinect addressed mayor Jimmy Wilbanks and council members about her concerns for the safety of houses that about the new Public Works facility in the city.

Residents along Majestic Road have witnessed people driving down the secluded but paved drive at the facility, and gun shots have been reported in that same area. Klinect produced shotgun shells to the governing body Thursday, saying that her children found them in their back yard.

With the summer months approaching, Klinect wanted to bring to the council's attention that no buffering landscape was planted or fencing erected, as she remembered being discussed in planning meetings two years ago. "I'm open to suggestions," Klinect said. "We're terrified. We do not feel safe in our own homes."