Murder conviction upheld in 2010 'drinking buddy' death

ATLANTA -- A murder conviction and life sentence in prison was upheld on Monday by the Georgia Supreme Court in a case where a man stabbed a one-time drinking buddy more than 30 times.

Marcus Dewayne Huff of Norcross was found guilty of murder in November 2011 and given a life sentence after he stabbed 42-year-old Daniel Aftowski 34 times in February 2010. A jury found the victim's alleged sexual advances a poor justification for a stabbing death.

The stabbing took place after Huff claimed Aftowski made a move on him and told him about a drunken sexual encounter they had shared the previous Thanksgiving.

Huff was believed to have used a knife he found on a kitchen counter during the scuffle.

Aftowski, a Duluth insurance rep described as a "drinking buddy" of Huff's, was discovered missing after he didn't show up for work on Feb. 5, 2010.

A defense attorney asked for a conviction of voluntary manslaughter charges during Huff's trial because it was Aftowski that forced Huff into a sudden rage.