Lawrenceville votes to expand Urban Redevelopment Area

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The acronym URA came into the mainstream of Lawrenceville politics Monday night at the regular monthly council meeting.

The Council decided to expand its Urban Redevelopment Area boundaries in the city by a unanimous vote. The purpose of the expansion, according to City Attorney Lee Thompson, is to create opportunity zones and tax districts for "blighted or undeveloped" areas in the municipalities.

In other business, the council:

-- Agreed to annex two parcels of unincorporated county property at 310 and 320 Phillip Blvd. into the city. The property, owned by Tarunbala and Navin Shah, houses a pediatric clinic. The request was made by the owners to lower response time for emergency vehicles and for better service delivery. Also approved was the property's rezoning from C2 (Gwinnett County business) to BG (city's Business General).

-- Approved a contract from Professional Probation Services of Lawrenceville for probation services to begin April 1.

-- Entered into an Inter-governmental Agreement with Gwinnett County to decide how new title ad valorem taxes are to be distributed.

-- Agreed to hire a civilian crime analyst for the police department's criminal investigation division.

-- Approved the following consent agenda items: renewal of a contract to give the Convention and Visitors Bureau a 2 percent share of the hotel/motel tax for marketing; cellphone readers for the police department ($18,699); $1,211 to Mauldin and Cook to repair the police department's drive-through gate; $23,657 to Loganville Ford for a gas department on-call truck; $15,575 to Loganville Ford for a pickup truck for the meter department; and $10,000 to Partnership Gwinnett for local business expansion.


Sandykin 2 years, 7 months ago

Title of this article is very misleading. Based on the title, I thought this would explain about the actual URA expansion - where it is geographically, whose affected, benefits, etc. Instead, the article is simply a bullet point list of the net results of the meeting and does not give any information about the URA beyond a simple definition of acronym which is already apparent given the title of the article. The piece could more appropriately be titled "Lawrenceville Council Votes".


BuzzG 2 years, 7 months ago

"and $10,000 to Partnership Gwinnett for local business expansion."

I'd like to know who is Partnership Gwinnett and why should they get $10,000 of taxpayer money? Seems to me that this money should be returned to the people who earned it and let them spend it as they best see fit.


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