Daily Post photographer honored by GPA

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan Sullivan

The Daily Post's Brendan Sullivan has been named the Georgia Press Association Photographer of the Year for 2012. A 2010 graduate of Western Kentucky University, Sullivan has been a member of the Daily Post staff since February 2012.

Despite joining the competition a month late, Sullivan won the 2012 GPA clips contest, where he competed with photographers from across the state. In the contest, photographers submit their best pictures each month in a variety of categories and are awarded points for how they finish.

"Brendan's passion for storytelling goes above and beyond, even compared to a seasoned journalist," said Jason Braverman, the Daily Post's digital production editor. "He wants to make his voice heard and leave a lasting impression in the community. That shows every day.

"We are very proud of Brendan for being named the GPA Photographer of the Year. It is a big honor for him as well as the newspaper."

For winning the award, Sullivan will receive a gift from Nikon.


kevin 1 year, 1 month ago

keep up the good work buddy. Big honor.


dikpa 1 year, 1 month ago

Always a job well done. Kudos, Brendan!


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