After setbacks, Tripp's doctors search for answers

Setbacks in Tripp Halstead's recovery continued this weekend as doctors looked for answers to why the Winder toddler struggled to rest and relax.

Following a ninth surgery on Friday, which was exploratory, his mother wrote on Facebook that Halstead, 2, was given a breathing tube and an Electroencephalography, which measures electrical activity along the scalp.

"He just won't relax," his mother Stacy wrote. "He is stiff as a board and moaning. They have given him lots of meds and nothing is working .... They need to rule out seizures. He just can't catch a break. He has had two brain surgeries in two days, so I am sure he doesn't feel good, but the (doctor) thinks it is something more than just feeling bad."

Friday's surgery was to clear up fluid buildup and debris -- dead and damaged tissue -- which died from the initial injury on Oct. 29. Stacy wrote that the debris is a prime food source for bacteria to grow. Doctors also installed two external ventricular drains to help drain fluid. He had one replaced because of bacteria last week.

A CAT scan is scheduled for Monday, or sooner, because there is no guarantee fluid won't build up again, Stacy wrote.

"They took so much fluid out of his head, now you can really see where they put his skull back together," Stacy wrote.

On Saturday, Stacy wrote that her emotions were mixed because even though something is wrong, doctors realize that and are trying to help him.

"I just feel like we are starting over from four months ago and that is the worst feeling," she wrote.


NewsReader 2 years, 4 months ago

MESSAGE TO TRIPP'S FAMILY: We, the entire community that is Metro Atlanta, are hoping and praying for you and your family. We talk about Tripp. We pray about Tripp. Stay strong! Have faith! While we will never understand the reasons for why things happen the way that they do, we will cry with you and we will laugh with you and we will rejoice with you in both triumphs and failures in hopes that everything comes out good and results in a positive outcome. You may not see us do so in person, but rest assured knowing that we're all here to lift you up and support you in what has to be the most trying time in your life.


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