Website shows customers hidden fees

Bill Maloney

Bill Maloney

NORCROSS -- A local businessman has started a new website which aims to show vacationers potential hidden fees in their hotel, resort and airline bookings.

Billed as a "tool for travelers," Feezing is a free service which helps raise consumer awareness, said Bill Maloney, the company's cofounder.

Maloney -- who has a background working in the airline industry -- said his business accesses information from hotels, motels, resorts and lodges "almost like a secret shopper."

Maloney said that travelers are "going to have a better trip if there are fewer surprises on their journey." His business aims to help people better understand the fees they are being charged.

"We started with the most popular tourist destinations, Las Vegas and Orlando, as a starting point on the site," Maloney said. "You can look up any hotel or resort and see what they charge in addition to the room rate."

He said often hidden fees are disguised with names like "resort fees, which includes most of the things that consumers used to get for free, like access to a fitness center or access to a pool."

Users can visit www.feezing.com. There are tabs for hotels, airlines and frequently asked questions. Fees are broken down by item (such as pet fee, cancellation fee, etc.). "We provide it in a simple, easy to understand format," he said.

To select a hotel or airline, choose a specific location or company from the search box. The information will display as well as all the mandatory and potential fees.

If Feezing is not tracking the hotel that a user is searching for, they can send an e-mail and Maloney will add it.

The website is free to use and earns revenue through advertising.

Maloney has held a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles at Travelport and Travelclick. He received his master's degree from the University of Georgia and his bachelors degree from Boston College.


kevin 2 years, 3 months ago

Sounds good but I wonder how much personal data will be collected from you by the advertisers. We have had enough of that.


Mack711 2 years, 3 months ago

Just tried this site on a hotel that charges fees in Vegas. You do not give information just look for your hotel. The airlines have a lot of hidden fees that you may not be aware of until you arrive at the airport. Worth checking out. You do not have to give information of any kind.


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