Initiative prepares students for 'global marketplace'

ATLANTA -- A state-chartered not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting educational excellence in the state announced Thursday it is working with the Georgia Department of Education to implement an initiative which enhances students' abilities to compete in the global market place and bring more jobs to the state.

Since 2012, the Global Workforce Initiative has acted as a bridge between the Georgia DOE and international employers to promote the Career Pathways program, in which Georgia schools offer a curriculum based on the job requirements of prominent global companies.

In 2013 the foundation helped launch the Dual Language Immersion program, which provides students in selected schools throughout the state with an education in English and one of the foreign languages that plays a leading role in the international business community, such as Spanish, German, French, Mandarin Chinese or Portuguese.

"This initiative prepares Georgia students for the global marketplace, helps businesses fill jobs, and encourages international companies to locate in our state," said Denis Brosnan, managing director of the Georgia Foundation for Public Education.

Additional educational programs supported by the GFPE include the Honors and Recognitions program, the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, the Georgia Academy for the Blind and the Georgia School for the Deaf.

For more information about the Georgia Foundation for Public Education, visit www.gfpe.org.

-- From staff reports