Tripp's family reports 'copycat' Facebook page

For the second time in three months, Tripp Halstead's family has reported a problem related to its Facebook page.

Stacy Halstead, the mother of the 2-year-old critically injured in October in Barrow County, wrote on Facebook on Sunday that a "copycat" page copied her posts and added fraudulant info, including asking for donations.

Katie Riney, Stacy's best friend, wrote that, "the page "Tripp Halstead" is NOT authorized by the Halsteads and steps are being taken to get rid of the page."

The page the Halsteads use is called "Tripp Halstead Updates."

In March, the Halsteads said their page was blocked for several hours because of a false report of offensive material.

In March, the page had about 347,000 "likes," but it's now up to more than 756,000.