Norcross man to be retried in kidnapping, rape case

Deivi Mauris Polanco

Deivi Mauris Polanco

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The second trial of a Norcross man accused of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment is scheduled to begin this week, five months after the last trial ended with a hung jury.

Deivi Mauris Polanco is expected to stand trial on Monday on those charges after a jury in late January voted nine people to convict and three to acquit. Polanco was convicted at a separate trial in February by another jury on burglary and aggravated stalking charges and sentenced to serve 20 years in prison.

Judge Melodie Conner will preside.

"We feel strongly in the case that we wanted to retry," senior assistant district attorney Maggie Benson said.

Polanco was 31 when he was arrested at the Gwinnett jail in May, 2012 while he was there for a court hearing for an acquaintance about three weeks after the alleged crime.

According to investigators in the case, Polanco wore a mask and grabbed a woman outside her home on April 16, 2012 forced her into his car, bound her with duct tape and drove to an apartment. He then raped the victim -- who he reportedly knew -- four times inside the apartment before forcing her into another unit and tying her up tighter, police said.

The victim reportedly chewed through tape and zip-ties around her hands and got help from a nearby apartment after Polanco left the scene.

After police identified Polanco as the suspect, investigators learned that he allegedly had the victim's cell phone in his car when he left it before he fled, eluded officers in a foot chase.

When Polanco was arrested in May, 2012, a police spokesman called the incident "isolated."